Monday, June 5, 2017

Chivalry's not dead

I had almost lost all faith in humanity due to a lot of personal events, lately.
Including the fact that I, myself had gotten sloppy, clumsy, careless and indifferent.
I used to be more responsible and grateful to the people, around me.

Anyways, today's events  (the great june handicap) later, I found that humanity still persists. From doctors to friends, to teachers to acquaintances, someone does care and indeed help. Sometimes, it is ok to ask for help and it is necessary to always help those who care. Do not regret past decisions, just because of a few unfortunate circumstances, in the present.

The life before was lazier and comfortable. The life now is tough and challenging.
I think that's where the excitement lies and satisfaction that emerges after solving such troubles. Troubles come in packs and when they start unfolding, so does our true nature and our personalities.

Fear is followed by pain and solution to that pain is followed by pure Joy.
Anyways, I'm still very incoherent yet happy and am thinking of making a comic to express all these thoughts. 

"It's ok to be lonely but it's not ok to be alone."

Gotta be more active.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

4 Months or Eternity ?

I wasn't having access to PC for quite a while now. 

I finally did get a Macbook Pro. It's quite a beast and I'm still getting used to it. I need to catch up to my Routine.

Meanwhile, first 4 months at NID has been a heck of an Experience.

I've created a new blog to store all my course work. Which means, I'll only use this blog for my hobbies and the usual bullshitting.

Sketchwise, I'm falling behind. My current idea is to start catching up on #Inktober, which means I'll have to make 2 sketches per day.

Anyways, here's a comic that I made during the Buddy Week at NID, which was a gift to one of the Seniors here. Also made a tiny bow and arrow, which is one of my first DIYs.

Hoping to share 10 Sketches for Inktober by next Sunday.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Back from the Dead Yet more Alive than Ever

February was the last time I posted ?!?
It's been a Hell of a past few months, since Feb...

After a lot of twists and turns and a lot of pain and gratifications...

Thankfully it hasn't all been in vain... I got into a D-School which I had Aspired for, since 2 Years...

It was ecstatic and painful, at the same time... When I learnt that I got in... The Irony !

A lot of my close-friends helped me and I'm really very grateful to them for reaching out, during these tough times... (woa, it hasn't been so worse.. I do make things worse than they actually are.. Don't I? )

Anyways, during all this time, I've been working on countless stuff...

Yet I'm a Novice and I understand that I still have a long long way to go..

I've been lost the last couple of days due to constant worrying and anxiety due to these big-changes... But the dust is now settling.. Hopefully, I can focus and resume what I love doing..

A Lot of Ideas have started popping in my head.. 

"Do this, Do that" I think and finally due to too many unrealistic ideas, I do Nothing...

So, 1 Work at a time.. The Portfolio !

I'm gonna present what I've done during the last few months... Maybe on a separate blog...

If that works, off I go to resume Graphic-Novels... Yes, I have a silly idea for some sketches..

Also, on an ending-note: Helvetica will be my new font of choice !

After all, I'm officially a Design Student now.. .Thanks to a lot of people...  :)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Lot to Digest

It's been a really tough & hectic week...
I almost feel like I'm writing my final exams.... Ah, the good ol' college days...

But, daily sketching is really helping to alleviate my frustration... 

I realize I've been sketching a lot digitally, lately..
But, I've also been slogging to finish off the comic abt the puppy...

I've completed around 65%,so far... 
As usual, I hope to finish by "next" week xD

Anyways, here's a page from the comic:

I need to think of a Title, too...

Also, here's one of my attempts at an Illustrator design...

I almost forgot to share a few sketches that I did, at work:


Until, Next week xD

Sunday, February 14, 2016

On Schedule?

Pretty satisfied, this week... Coz I did do 6 sketches... 
Though I'm lagging on my short Graphic-Novel..
 I'm feeling OK as I'm working on it, pretty much, everyday....

The snake and the guy sketch is based on an idea which actually did happen..
I mean, as I was driving, I saw a snake crossing the street towards a guy who was so busy using his cell, that he did not listen to my loud honks warning him of the snake..
Neither did he realize that he was walking right next to a giant snake...
Well, the snake just disappeared... 
& the guy will never know that he was in trouble, forever....

There was News that a leopard had entered a school..
What would be going thro' the kids minds... 
Would they really want a leopard to hurt their teacher to get a holiday ? 

The Pencil and Paper app by 53 are simply fantastic... 
I heavily underestimated it's beauty..

I came across a lot of awesome-tutorials on using Paper by 53....
This really is pretty detailed and helpful..

Anyways, the above sketch is abt a guy who's space-diving [?]
Just wanted to try a few techniques... 

Watched Deadpool, this weekend.. 

Noted: if your mates do not know a thing abt Deadpool or anything abt comics or any of the smirk references that Deadpool makes at other movies... (like Agent Smith)

Basically, if you watch this movie with people who aren't movie buffs, well then, the movie's gonna be bad for you too .. ;D

A Valentine's day tribute, Mangaloreans will understand the second panel ;D

Anyways, I'm off to watch some tutorials on Material-Design and maybe, work on the Dog's Story.... P.S: I'm on Page 10 now, out of an estimated 20.. so yeah, Milestone... 50%.. :D